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Courses and Events

Would you like to learn Reiki, Indian Head Massage or End of Life Companionship Training ?

Would you like to hear Kiera talk at an event near you?

Would you like to book Kiera to speak at your event?

Would you like to book Kiera for a laughter yoga session at your event?

Reiki Courses

Would you like to learn Reiki?

Reiki can help to:

  • Increase your connection with nature

  • Aid self-healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels

  • Clear negative energies from situations, objects or places

  • Support healing in people and animals


Course Dates for 2021

6th & 7th November - First Degree

at Skanda Vale Hospice, Saron, Carmarthenshire, SA44 5DY

4th & 5th December - First Degree

18th & 19th December - Second Degree

at Natural Health Service, Pagefield House,

Page Street, Swansea SA1 4EZ

One-to-one courses and weekday courses available by request

Kiera is also available to come to you to provide a course in your area.


The first degree is the beginning of your Reiki journey, the course is held over a 2-day weekend and involves learning about and practising with the healing energy that is Reiki, to enable you to provide healing to yourself and to others. This is an investment of £120.


The second degree is the next step in developing your Reiki practise and increasing your connection. It also enables the student to then provide Reiki treatments for paying clients. This is an investment of £200.




Learn Indian Head Massage

Course Dates for 2022

To Be Confirmed


Please get in touch if you are interested in registering for the Indian Head Massage Course.

Learn Indian Head Massage


This course will give you the knowledge and skills to carry out a relaxing Indian Head Massage on a friend, family member or client. The first part of the course will instruct you in the history, purpose and contraindications of the treatment, as well as the routine. You will have the opportunity to practise on each other, so that you will have a good understanding of what it feels like both to receive and to give the treatment.


This is enough for those of you who wish to learn this skill for use with family and friends, and for your own personal interest. For those of you who wish to use this beautiful treatment with clients, you will need to complete the second part of the course.


You will then need to carry out 25 treatments prior to the second part of the course, which will need to be written up as case studies. The second part of the course will enable you to consolidate your learning and will enable you to raise any issues that came up during the case studies.


You will also learn the final part of the routine, and will learn if you need to do any additional case studies in order to pass the course and become a fully qualified Indian Head Massage practitioner.


This course is open to all and is carried out over three or four days on two separate weekends. There is also the opportunity for students to carry out their learning over three weekdays or 6 evenings, according to individual's preferences for learning.


Part One Investment - £100

Part Two Investment - £80


Part Two of the Indian Head Massage course will be arranged with students on the weekend of Part One.

One-to-one learning is also available.


For more information, please contact Kiera.

Workshops and Talks

Kiera will be speaking on ‘The Role of the Soul Midwife' on Thursday 18 November, 2.30-4pm at St Paul's Centre, Port Talbot as part of the Port Talbot Compassionate Community "Talking Of Dying" events.
For further details and to book a place , please contact, Cath Thompson,
Macmillan Compassionate Community Connector 07483 316892/01639 883123


Kiera is available for talks at your event, please contact Kiera for more details.

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