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Soul Midwifery

Kiera received her Soul Midwifery qualification through Felicity Warner and the School of Soul Midwives. Felicity has been training Soul Midwives for years from her home in Dorset, and there are now between 200 and 300 of us working across the UK and beyond.


All Soul Midwives adhere to a strict code and value professionalism as highly as individual choice.


The Soul Midwives' Principles


  1. To work as non-medical holistic companions who guide and support a dying person in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.

  2. To support and recognise the individual needs of the dying person and ensure they feel loved and supported.

  3. To create and hold a sacred and healing space for the dying person (whether in a hospital, a hospice or at home).

  4. To respect and honour a dying person’s religious/spiritual or atheist/agnostic beliefs and practices.

  5. To work as non-denominational, multi-faith practitioners who honour the dying person’s beliefs about life, death or the afterlife.

  6. To listen, provide gentle therapeutic techniques, and ensure compassionate care at all times.

  7. To ‘serve’ our friend; not aim to ‘fix’ or ‘rescue’.

  8. To give healing, using sound, touch, colour, scented oils or other gentle techniques to alleviate pain and anxiety.

  9. To keep a loving vigil.

  10. To work holistically with the spirit and soul of our friends at all levels and stages of transition.

  11. To support families and their loved ones, giving loving care with a human touch.

  12. To provide comfort, continuous support and reassurance in helping a dying person to experience the death he or she wants.

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